As if I wasn’t already a little miffed by the longer trip I need to take to my internship (though now I take some of it back now that I’ve actually seen the place – it was worth the trip), I’m now angry at the idiots over at CT Transit, the company who runs public transport here in Connecticut. I asked twice, once on Monday, and once on Tuesday, whether I’d be able to transfer buses in Hartford to get to Rocky Hill without paying any more money. Both people said yes. I thought this was great, not having to pay any more money to get to my destination. Turns out either I was told wrong, or the bus driver hasn’t been updated on the policies lately.

I get to Hartford, and onto the bus going to Rocky Hill, and put my transfer ticket into the ticket taker. The bus driver is like, “$1.00 please.” And I’m like, “What? I was told I didn’t have to pay any more.” And he’s like, “This is a commuter bus.” So, what the hell can I do? I had to pay it, or I wasn’t going to Rocky Hill. But what if I didn’t have it or the exact change of it? What then? I’m stuck in Hartford?

CT Transit is getting my call tomorrow to yell at them for the incorrect answer to my question.

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