On a side note, I know I don’t get many visitors to this blog, but this is anybody who might have be doing some drive-by reading:

Do you have a blog which you’d like some more visitors to read? If so, I want some more blog reading material. Simply provide a link to your blog in a comment, and a brief one to three sentence description of what it’s all about (this is to prevent people from just drive-by spamming me, hopefully). Even if it’s a “this is my day” blog, I wanna know about it. If it’s about the virtues of fine Italian cuisine, I wanna know about it. However, I run a semi-family oriented operation here, so nothing NSFW unless you consider your site educational in nature. I’m not a prude, but I don’t need parental complaints about their kid running across an “erotica” site. At least if your site is education, I’ll have a decent response if they do complain, because some people really are prudes.  If I like your blog enough, I’ll add it to my Blogroll.  How’s them apples, huh?

This is not only for my benefit. By giving me some good blogs to read, you in turn given anyone who might see this entry good blogs to read. And all advertising is good advertising, right? Well, I guess unless it’s bad advertising.

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