I think most people know by now that AOL is pretty much a POS. Yet the fact that so many still use it is a bit baffling.

Yet, even though I’ve always known that it sucks, I never truely realized how much until this Summer, when I worked at my dad’s computer repair business pretty much every week day I wasn’t doing my internship.

I’ve never used AOL as my ISP, so I never knew just how bad it was. I knew it was bloated, but not so much (at least these days) that it makes it painful for any of AOL’s remaining dial-up users. I had an idea that AOL often made difficulties whenever it got corrupted, but did not know how difficult until a computer I worked on this week.

Finally, don’t like the fact they are so tied to Internet Explorer, so that if things like images are off in IE, they will be in AOL.

There’s more I could say about AOL, but it’d take all night. AOL just needs to die a quick death.

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