I’m tired, and getting this up later than I’d like, so I’ll keep it brief.

Today was a good day.  Got a lot of things done.  Met with my new host for the game show, and we went over it.  Also got the advert for the show over to Student Activities for them to look at it.

Then tonight we had a massive showing for anchor tryouts for my news.  I have some ideas in my mind about who’s going to get it.  It’ll be interesting to see if the advisor and producer are thinking along the same lines as me.  We already know who the live-to-tape director is going to be (there was only one person who tried out), and though he stumbled a little at first, I have confidence he’ll do good.  We all suck at the beginning, but I think he showed tonight he has what it takes.  I look forward to seeing him in action for a real show.

Going home tomorrow, and most likely coming back Saturday night, to hopefully tape this political-satire comedy show coming to school for the news.  If I can’t do it, though, then at least it’ll be good to watch.

All right, that’s it.  I said brief, and I meant it!

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