That is, I’m loving my new computer.

NO audio issues, for one. I could deal with any of my other needs and/or wants if only my other computer wasn’t having such crappy ass audio. I mean, I guess I could live with it, but it wasn’t only the audio. Whatever the issue was was causing whatever video might be playing (if any) to freeze momentarily whenever the audio popped/scratched/whatever. It was just annoying.

There’s other benefits, too, though. No more do I have to worry about the whole Express Card issue, since this computer includes Firewire ports! As you can see from below, they’ve come in useful. And besides that, after unsuccessfully trying to to capture that video with USB, I now fully understand why USB isn’t used in the video production field.

Besides that, the new computer is faster, with more memory and faster processor, so that should help a bit. It’s certainly give me some more latitude over choosing which editing program I’ll eventually use. As for that option, I’m not going to go for a high-end solution, but keep with something that’s decent, but not Movie Maker craptastic. It’ll probably end up being Adobe Premiere Elements. I’d like to get Pro, but that’d require a sound and video card that are not built in.

Now off to the flip side (of my TV/computer monitor) to watch Stewart and Colbert.

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