I guess to save myself, the real reason I had a video last Monday was because I’d done it several days before. Tuesday will probably be video day from now on, since I have the most time off.

Today was utterly non-descript. I’m having a problem getting to my first class on Mondays, though I aim to stop that crap. Plagued me last semester, too, and this time, the first class is an hour later! After that, I had work, which went by pretty quickly.

Then my Comm Research class, which I thought was going to be my tough class until I started Macroeconomics. Then I went back to work for another hour to entertain some Freshmen Comm students by talking about the club.

Went back to my room at 4pm, and didn’t do a whole lot until 7pm, though I did properly start my book for Native Americans. Then at 7pm, went there, and only had to stay an hour! Not complaining, but I can tell this lady doesn’t have much to talk about every week. We stayed two hours last week, but like one hour of it was filled with a video. I’m not going to complain, since she says we’ll always be out by 9pm, but I wonder if we’ll have any more one hour, 2.75 hour classes?

I seem to have a motivational problem as this semester has been starting. I know I could easily be done with the book for Native Americans by now, but I’m not. I’ve never been one for textbook reading, but I could at least skim. I do think I’ll become more motivated once TV 22 starts, but for now, I do need to get somewhat in gear. I have a sheet of questions for the first book due in two weeks, so gotta get it done. I don’t want to do it on the last day (we’ll see what I say about this in two weeks).

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