Any proper move requires the mover to pack the essentials – thing they require when going to a new home. You know, things like shampoo, soap, your bedding. Can’t forget about food either. Then there’s entertainment stuff like your TV, VCR, and computer. So, when moving back up to campus, I definitely had everything…or thought I did.

I had most of my stuff, including my computer. Then, as I was feeling around my suitcases, I realized something: I forgot an ethernet cable to connect to the Internet! Yes, in my rush to not need to pack anything else after getting home from a family function last night, I forgot an essential. How was I to do homework, check my email, forums, or dare I say it…blog on Dymersion? Well, I can do the latter three with mobile web on my enV, but it’s easier to do on a computer, see?

Well, when I went out with a friend, I made a pit stop to the building where the IT helpdesk is, but it wasn’t open today. Luckily, my roommate had to go home, because he forgot his as well, and had a spare. It’ll suffice until tomorrow when I can get up there. When I went to the bookstore, I noticed that the rack with ethernet cables was nearly empty. Fools! They can get one for free, and they skip off to the bookstore instead! Ack! Silly things…

On a side note, I’m getting angry because I keep putting my cursor in a different position, because I’m using my laptop’s trackpad. I forgot my mouse as well, so I’m forced to use this for four days. Four days of randomly moving cursor horror!

Anyway, time to eat.

P.S. Also just realized I forgot my box of Eastern Expedition tapes.  I really am an idiot!  Luckily I’m going home this weekend.

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