Tonight I did something I haven’t done for several years…went costume shopping.

I loved going out trick-or-treating as a kid, but once I grew older, I knew the fun had to stop. So, I relegated myself to behind-the-scenes candy duty, which was alright in itself, giving out candy to kids, and seeing them dress up every year. Never thought I’d see myself in a costume again.

Then I turned 21. I’ve been trying to get out more this year, since I know it’s the last year I’ll really be able to have some fun. So, I’ve been trying. Still far from being a huge partier, but that’s all right. Well, I got invited to a costume party on Halloween, so I know I should be a good sport and dress up.

So, I went to Walmart with the idea of finding a complete costume set. Turns out it didn’t work out so well. So, I ending up having to combine what I was able to buy (pirate shirt, patch, gun, and cloak) with my suit shirt, paints, and shoes. I thought it might look silly, but it actually turned out pretty nice. Not bad for a little improvisation. I am a little disappointed that Walmart didn’t have a sword though. I can’t be a pirate without one! So, tomorrow, I’m going to head to CVS and see if I can pick one up. If not, it’ll probably be back to Walmart, though I don’t know if my luck will be any more. But, I’ll try.

So, for the first time in years, I’m celebrating Halloween again. Just in a little more of an adult style.

P.S. This week’s Dymersion Video episode won’t be available until the end of the week at least.  This is because I’m doing an editorial for the news show I participate in at school (making one of my rare on-camera appearances).  So, it’ll double as this week’s Dymersion Video (and one of the best visually looking ones to date).

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