Ooh, I hate not updating for so long.  This time, I blame it on the need to focus on last Saturday’s Eastern Expedition shoot.  I didn’t have all the contestants until Thursday, and then some people dropped out at the last minute (and one just didn’t show up), so I was freaking out.  I’m pretty calm now, though.  The shows were a bit of a bumpy ride, given the fact that we have a new host, but I think that in the end, they’ll be good.  So, that’s that.

For some reason, I seemed to have had a huge appetite today.  I’ll eat something, and then like fifteen minutes after I’m done with my food, I’ll be hungry again.  Not massively hungry, as if I feel like I’m starving, but something that just feels like I could use a snack.

So, I try to stop the feeling with some food, but it keeps coming.  I know, as a fairly small guy, that I hardly need a lot of food, yet the feeling remains.  Haven’t had an appetite this ravenous since I was on Prednisone on and off throughout my teenage years (god, that makes me seem old).

I don’t know if it’s because I have a test today, or what.  Guess I’ll find out if it goes away after I take the test.

Anyway, sleep is needed to do good on a test, so time for that.

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