Gah, wasn’t able to post for the last two days, and didn’t get my Dymersion Video entry up, so I’m going to try and do a quickie for right after this entry, and I’ll leave the debate questions edition until next week’s episode. EDIT: Unfortunately, while I got the episode on tape, something seem to be either wrong with the tape, or the read heads on my camera (meaning they need cleaning), so I won’t be able to have an episode for this week.  I’ll try and upload it on Monday, though.

I had two very good days between yesterday and today. Last night, despite a few technical bumps (including one major one with the cameras that we were able to deal with before the show), they went well. We had good content, and a lot of it. Whenever a technical glitch occurred, for the most part, the anchors were able to deal with it professionally and promptly. And overall, everyone really stepped up to make sure things went smoothly.

Then I went to this bar/cafe a little downtown called Corleone’s, where two of our anchors were playing music. I had a lot of fun listening to them, and they’re really good at it, too.

Then this afternoon, I was one among four who shot an interview with the U.S. Congressman from my district, Joe Courtney. We asked him some questions about the recently signed Higher Education Access Act, which will provide $19 billion in Pell grants in the next five years. He was very friendly, and the shots looked great. So, we’ll be putting some of that on the news next week, and it should make for a good package.

Alright, off to finish lunch and see if I can do a quickie Dymersion Video for you all.

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