I think I’m beginning to feel how my friend Jess feels. She’s the producer of the newscast in the club I’m in. I’m the producer of the game show. Both of our shows will be taped within two days of each other, so any stress we might be feeling is somewhat similar in strength, only separated by two days.

Most of the stuff I have to do pertains to printing out various pieces of paper, which I know I can do. Others pertain to getting things, which I also know I can do. I’ve got a pretty decent schedule lined up, so as long as I follow that, everything on it will get done with plenty of time to spare.

Here’s what’s different…talent. I’ve got my host and co-host, and she’s got her anchors, all people who are very reliable and hard working. However, I’ve also got three additional wild cards to look after. I call them wild cards because I don’t have any names or faces to put to them yet. They are the contestants for the show, and right up until before we start our actual shoot, I don’t know if they’ll show up. It’s happened before; a set of contestants got drunk the previous night, and decided they’d have hangovers rather than acting responsible. And there’s been others.

Most contestants we’ve had are reliable people. They show up, play the game, and enjoy the free food. But there’s been the unreliable ones. What’s worse is that right now we have nobody on the roster, so that’s getting to me a bit. If I don’t find someone by Wednesday, I’m going to have to really go looking for people. Maybe not even Wednesday, because that day, I have class until around 6:30pm, but which time dinner at the dining hall is only on for another 45 minutes. If it comes to that, though, I’ll just suck it up and go looking there.

I hope not, though. Between the beginning of the semester and now, we’ve had plenty sign up. Though, three can’t do it this weekend, since they all want to play together. So, I think there’s still more than enough on the list, but if they can’t do it, or not enough, then we’ve gotta search.

Then once I have them, they actually have to show up. Not only that, but I’ve got two other things to worry about on game day: making sure everything looks good, and then (for this show), I’ve got to direct it.

I’m pretty good now, but as the week goes on, I expect my stress level to rise. This is my first one without any help at all, so yea, it’s stressful.

Off to plan!

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