Because I often have the problem of what is going on with myself during the day so that I can’t remember it to talk about later, and because I know people on the Internets love nosing into people’s lives, I have followed the lead of many others and signed up for Twitter.

For those who don’t know what it is: Twitter basically allows you to make updates on what’s happening in your life. It’s made for people who may not be around their computers to blog about it at a given time, thus it has a mobile post feature. It’s also useful since many things that happen in one’s day are not worth blogging about, but someone may want to leave a short statement about that thing or event.

Twitter is not a blog service. Clearly made for the era of text messages, they only allow you to leave statements up to 140 characters (SMS only allows up to 160), which should be enough to briefly describe something that’s happened to you, or the mood you’re in. I liken it most to Facebook’s status feature, which works similarly, and (at least recently) is also updatable by cell phone.

In addition to signing up for an account, I’ve found a plug-in over at WordPress that allows me to share recent Twitter updates.  Just look over to your right, in the new “Up to the Minute” section of the sidebar.  Though my first update was via web, if there’s anything I really want to talk about while I’m around my computer, I’ll probably do it via my blog. So, most, if not almost all my Twitter updates will be made via my cell phone.  Should be interesting to see what I come up with.

Happy nosing!

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