On the flip.  Spoilers!  ‘Nuff said.

WOW.  I got so many emotions out of the mid-season finale of Stargate Atlantis.  Everything from excitement, to sorrow, to hope.

I was excited at the prospect of duplicate Replicator SGA-1 (for lack of a better designation, seems the show runners have shied away from labeling teams, officially anyway).  I was also sad at the idea that the Replicators killed Weir because of her attempts to mess things up for them.  Go Elizabeth, though!  If you have to die, at least go out fighting!

A post on the SciFi.com boards got me thinking, though.  What if Oberoth (the head Replicator dude) didn’t tell the rebels the truth?  Maybe he suspected them of their treachery, and left out key details.  Yes, I know there’s problems with this idea.  That’s because, like the Milky Way Replicators, they all are supposed to be in a collective, sharing information, which presumably they all can access at any time.  The idea that Oberoth could simply remove, or alter this information, from some of the Replicators, seems troubling to me.  It would go against the entire idea of them as a collective.

Then again, ever since Rodney’s changes to their code, they’ve been able to change their own code.  Maybe Oberoth inserted an instruction that allows only him to alter information.  Perhaps a little contrived, but he is an arrogant bastard.  Wouldn’t put it past him.  He is in some ways like RepliCarter, who was out for her own benefit, and even killed Fifth to achieve her goals.

I need to get to bed soon, and I could talk for days on all aspects I liked and didn’t like, so I won’t.  Instead, I’ll end with a note on an element I found interesting, but odd, whilst thinking about the show afterward.

Aren’t all the Replicators supposed to be fighting the Wraith? Now, I know that they can’t all be in war ships at the same time, but these guys (the rebel Replicators) weren’t even doing anything to help with the war effort. They all just wanted a way out of it.

Plot hole…or plot device?  You decide.

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