Now that I’ve gotten to see the return of some shows, I’ll talk about them.  First Stewart and Colbert, then I’ll be brief on Stargate, since it is late.

I enjoyed both shows tonight, but I’ve gotta say, I think Colbert did better off the cuff than Stewart did.  Don’t get me wrong, Stewart had a great show, but the Report just seemed to flow a lot better tonight.  Maybe it’s because Colbert actually plays a character, whereas Stewart more or less plays himself.

Also, I was impressed that Colbert was able to extend the act longer than Stewart did, though I’m not going to count the three straight minutes or so of clapping.  Maybe it I don’t, then Colbert’s actual content time equals out Stewart’s.  I also noticed that Colbert’s show seemed to go into the next hour by a couple minutes, which I found strange.  Not sure why that happened.  But, assuming Colbert started right at 11:30, you can’t miss the fact he didn’t start his interview until 11:51, whereas Stewart’s started at about 11:15.  That gives him slightly more content time, if you don’t count the excessive clapping.

I really enjoyed the cross-over, where Colbert parodied David Letterman’s ridiculous beard (which I guess he shaved off tonight).  Overall, I think the even though they had no written content, Colbert beat our Stewart tonight by a small margin.  I think tomorrow and Wednesday will help then though.  It’ll be a day where no written content is really needed, because any video content of the candidates will surely help them out.

Alright, going to do Stargate on the flip, as to not anger the masses.  See you there, or if you don’t watch it, I’ll see you tomorrow for my New Hampshire primary report.

Wow!  Just, wow!  Stargate came back with an absolutely stunning episode.  I’m not sure I’ve seen such a great episode since the SG-1 Season 9 closer Camelot.  It was great to see a whole range of peoples allied (if some of them only temporarily; but hey, I’ll use The Lucian Alliance as a comparison for that) to take down a common enemy.  The Asurans have their comparisons to the Ori, after all.  You can’t really kill them except for some device or plan that does it utterly (destroying a planet or Merlin’s weapon).  They’re very powerful in the own ways, Ori via their cosmological powers and the Asurans through their mastery of Ancient technology.  And they’re bloody difficult to beat, and every time you knock them down a notch, they come springing back.   At least with the Wraith, the SGA team has made a sizable dent in their numbers, from which they can’t as easily spring back.

I am a bit skeptical that we’ve seen the last of the Asurans.  Well, okay, we know for damn certain we haven’t, given that even if the team led by Weir (whichever she is, the original or a copy) are either full-blown Asurans or the nanite-built biological versions.   Either way, both come from the Asurans base components.  So, even if they’re the biological versions, some form of the Asurans still exist.  Then we have a problem if they’re evil.  I hope they’re not, but if they are, and they are the bio-Asurans, then I’m guessing they have the advantage of being able to tap into the Asurans network (as close-knit as it may now be), and I’m also guessing the human advantage of not being able to be killed by the anti-Replicator weapons.  Though, do those work on nanites?  Not sure…hmm.

Either way, it was an awesome episode.  I’m really pumped to see the rest of the season now, but more especially what the Weir-led crew has in store.

I think that whatever it is, it’s going to make for good watching!

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