So, my lack of a Dymersion entry last night was due to me completing some final touches on the website for the club I’m in, TV 22.

For some time, I’ve been trying to make it work like a true CMS; that is, static pages for some spots, and blog-type pages for others.  I’m using WordPress as the CMS, and for a while, I was using a plug-in to try to include WP pages on other pages.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t working out too well.

I finally found out that WordPress and WordPress-MU, WP’s multi-user solution, has the capability to make a static page as the main page of a blog!  So, there’s no need for the plug-in.  I was so freaking happy about that, I could cry, haha.

I made sure the layout was working right, and set up a blog on the News 22 side to add  our YouTube videos.  I added all the information about the club that was needed, and voila!  The site was set.  You can read about the nearly year and a quarter journey from no TV 22 site to one working well on WPMU at my blog entry there.

My TV 22 blog will be the primary source for articles I have on my work in the club, whether it be producing Eastern Expedition, shooting and editing video, or other aspects of the television industry.  It won’t be updated nearly as often as this one, and I’m not going to make it a goal like I have here.  I’m simply too busy during my days to attend to two blogs a day.  However, entries I post there will be cross-posted to here (if they’re not simple posts about the TV 22 site or something), as well as cross-posting any appropriate entries I make here to there.

On the subject of attending to blogs, I know it’s been a long time since the last Dymersion Video episode.  I’m planning to start them up again.  I didn’t have a tripod during my month at home, and the last few weeks have been busy.  However, I will try to squeeze one in this week.  Perhaps after the primaries this week, I’ll chime in on the direction of the nominations, talking-head style!

Until next time…

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