Well, I quite literally just got back from shooting a PSA in my college’s town.  The PSA is about talking to your 8-14 year olds about not drinking underage.

In the PSA, I got to play the patient (who sadly dies).  Most unluckily for me, the guy playing the doctor actually works at the hospital in real life, so now my chest hurts because of all the times he had to do chest compressions.  Thankfully they weren’t real chest compressions, or I might be hurting even more.  In real chest compression, the sternum or ribs are usually broken due to the force.  So, I can’t complain, and if it makes for a good PSA, all the better.  The stakes are about $2000, so I’m happy to take some pain for that chance.

We started around midnight, and got done a little after 5am in the morning.  We had to do it then because the hospital is busy at other times.

Now we just need to start editing, and find out if the party scene we planned is needed, so that the stage can be set.  Alternatively, we might decide that the hospital scenes are enough.  However, we shall see.

Now I’m off to bed!

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