I was amused by the primary season for a while. More than that, I was interested in the exchange of ideas between the candidates. It was good, I thought, that no one candidate would get the nomination too easily.

My amusement and interest has gone away. It is time for the Democrats to choose a candidate and get it done and over with. The primary campaigns have gone on for too long, and it’s just gotten nasty. For those who follow the campaign in terms of the blogosphere, supporters of the two candidates have gotten downright bitter with each other.

Depending on where their loyalties lies, each side accuses the other’s candidate of destroying the Democratic party. One argument has Obama’s campaign untenable because of the Wright affair, and the other side’s argument has Clinton cooked over-easy for discrepancies between statements about her experience and her recently released records from her time as First Lady.

It’s gotten to the point where the two sides are practically attacking each other, rather than explaining why their candidate is the best. Meanwhile, John McCain and supporters are living it up in the weeks before Pennsylvania, visiting Iraq, and using what time he has to plan their strategy against the future Democratic nominee. This is good for McCain, since he’ll be pretty ready to present his case, and be better prepared to dodge and attacks coming his way. The Democratic nominee, on the other hand, will have to make up for lost time.

Therefore, I think Pennsylvania will need to be a decisive race. Obama or Clinton needs to get a huge win there. I’m talking like 65% or better, so that there can be some sort of idea of the direction for the nomination (assuming the Supers line up behind the candidate with the most pledged delegates). Garnering a win of this magnitude would make Obama look pretty sparkling, and I think put the final nail in the coffin of Clinton’s campaign. Clinton just could not go on any more, I think, if she doesn’t do really well here. If she does, I won’t be the end for her, but she’ll also have to do really well in the home stretch.

It’s all up to Pennsylvania, so get out there, voters. In the meantime, I’ll continue to wince at every new development in the unsustainable battle between the two candidates.

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