Wonderfully poetic, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve been sick during about the past 2 weeks or so.  It started as a sore throat, but that’s more or less gone away and been replaced with congestion, sneezing, coughing, and stuffed up and runny nose (yes, both).  Add on post-nasal drip, and yea, it’s bad.

I’d consider sleeping through tomorrow if I didn’t have work at 1pm, and a class at 12pm I really can’t miss since I’ll be missing four meetings next month due to my NAB/BEA convention trip.  So, in the meanwhile, I trudge through the day, trying my best not to pass it around.  As if; I got this from something that’s going around, and it’ll likely keep itself going until everyone’s got it.

That’s it for me; going to hang on for a bit, and get some pancakes over at the Student Center.

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