Monday’s entry will be the next IC 2008 entry. Then, hopefully, all this weekend and next week I’ll have one per day. Here’s why:

Spring Break! Ahh, it feels good to have a break every once in a while, and this upcoming week will be no exception. Nothing special going on, unfortunately, but the rest will be nice.

There was no entry yesterday, simply because it was a long day. I was more or less going from 11-11 that day. First, getting ready for an exam, then taking the exam. Then, went to a meeting to try to get some club money transferred into our budget account. Turns out I only need to fill out some form. That’s doable.

Then I had work, followed by setup for the news. We did something pretty awesome last night. We’ve been going live for a while, but have never done an actual live shot. You’ve see them all the time. A reporter is on location at a courthouse, a farm, a business, whatever. We’ve never done one, though. One of our newer members suggested doing it, found out how to do it, and then we set it up and did it. It went off very nicely, I must say.

Then, I went out for a bit with some fellow club members, then waited to find out whether we were or were not a go for a PSA shoot very late. Like, 2am late. See, the PSA we’re doing is about underage drinking, and having parents talk to their kids. Our location is a hospital. So, we can only do it when the emergency room isn’t busy. That means checking out that night to see what’s up. Unfortunately, our contact at the hospital found out it was busy last night, so it was no go. Hopefully we’ll have better luck on Monday night, though.

Today, had a class, then work. Our prop room was a mess, so me and my fellow lab assistant re-arranged it. Now it looks pretty and sparkling. Well, perhaps not sparkling, but it’s prettier than it used to be. You can walk in it, now, for instance, and not fear tripping over a chair.

Well, that’s it. Haven’t done a personal life entry in a while, so it was good to do. Now to work on the next IC 2008 entry…

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