Well, apparently nobody is getting elected President this year.

If you believe the comments made in the blogosphere over the past couple months, Barack Obama is screwed for associating with Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, Hillary Clinton is done for adding Geraldine Ferraro to her campaign, and John McCain is roasted turkey for accepting the endorsements of prominent preachers like John Hagee and Pat Robertson.

Under these circumstances, and if you accept what the bloggers say after these scandals, that the involved candidate’s run is over, you come to only one conclusion: none of them will be elected President this year.

Yet, all of us here in the real world know that the truth is quite the opposite. Lets face it people; all three candidates have been associated with somebody known for making racially charged statements during their campaigns. All three have distanced themselves from said people, and probably later than should have been done. And all three have yet to say racially charged statements on their own (surrogates need not count).

Now, can we get back to an election and maybe discuss the issues? Please?

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