And indeed it was, and you might have noticed no posts since Wednesday.

That’s because on Thursday I had classes, then had to finish editing a package, do an editorial for News 22, and finally set up for our celebrity edition of Eastern Expedition.

You may be thinking, “Celebrity, you say? What celebrity goes to a college game show?” Anyone ever watch Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego as a kid? Remember the house band Rockapella? Well, three of its original members (including that era Rockapella’s lead man Sean Altman) have formed a new group since then called the Groovebarbers. They came to play the show, and give a bit of a performance.

It was a pretty awesome show, and destined to be long. It was the first time we nearly ran out of tape for both shows. That’s never happened as long as I can remember. Ought to be fun for those editing it, though! Haha…

My friend Adam came up on Thursday to see the news, and then to guest host one of the two shows we taped on Friday. After the shows, we went down to the local pub and had a couple drinks. It was a good time.

Then today was boring. Slept in late, and then watched some Stargate, but not much else.

I’m happy that this week is over, but how quickly it went is now only showcasing to me how quickly this semester, year, and my college career is coming to an end. I really don’t want it to end, but I do know the time is coming to move on.

And we move on and on…

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