Kudos to Obama for being against and a wag of my finger (sorry Colbert; couldn’t think of another phrase) to Clinton and McCain for being for this gas tax holiday idea.

Don’t be fooled; the idea may seem cool at first, but consider what it really means.  The federal gas tax is roughly 18 cents per gallon.  So, we remove 18 cents from the price (the lowest of which is $3.69 in my town), and what happens?  If the price goes to $4, as is predicted, that 18 cent break is now gone.  Then at the end of the holiday, the 18 cents comes back, raising the price very fast in a small time.

That McCain and Clinton would try and pander to their bases with this stupid idea isn’t beyond me.  I understand it.  They want to be elected, and Obama opposing this might make him look unconcerned about the common man.  But, I like to think the public is smarter than that, and will see through the ruse.

I also think this bill will get little traction in Congress.  I speak from experience; my state tried a gas tax holiday last year.  It didn’t happen.

Ed. note: As I was writing this, I tried looking up an article about it from last year, only to find out General Assembly Republicans are calling for it yet again.  Governor Jodi Rell says it won’t happen unless money is found to pay for it.

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