I’m going to be changing things up a bit for IC 2008.  I will no longer list the issues and the candidate’s stance on them.  They have websites.  You can see for yourselves.  I will continue to analyize them, however.

For the first time in the IC 2008 series, the one I’ve picked to analyze has a Vice Presidential running mate!


Steve Adams is  a software designer at a local technology company.  At 42, Adams volunteers at his local Methodist and Lutheran Church.  Adams graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Computer Science.  In his spare time, he practices Tae Kwon Do and Okinawan Kempo.  He is a rider with the Patriot Guard Riders.

His running mate, Bob Hargis, is the Executive Director of the largest Ambulance Service in Southern Oklahoma.  Like Adams, Hargis has a record of community service, working with church groups, and going around to help people.  Mostly recently (via the website), he traveled to Kenya to teach EMT instructors, so that they can better teach their own EMTs.

Analyis of Issues

  • Adams does not support abortion.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, neither do I, but neither do I think such an issue comes under governmental control.
  • Like several of the mainstream candidates such as Mike Huckabee, Mike Gravel, and like some other independents, such as Donald K. Allen, Adams supports the Fair Tax system.  You know, the more I see the widespread support it has among candidates, from conservatives to liberals, the more it’s catching on to me.  The tax system as we have now is a mess.  And yes, we hear all kinds of rhetoric about wanting to fix it, but no real plans.  Nothing that has any meat, anyway.  So far, Fair Tax is the most thought out plan I’ve found.
  • I like Adams’ ideas on energy and the environment.  I throw up in my mouth a little when I hear the phrase “carbon credits.”  What a stupid idea.  “Let me buy these credits so I can pollute more and not be penalized!  And all kinds of corporations do it, including “do no evil” Google.  Instead, as I’ve noted before in this blog, we need a mixture of solutions.  One solution for electricity generation and one for cars isn’t going to do it.  This is America.  Bring ’em all on, I say, and may the best idea for energy independence/conservation win.
  • He is for removing the electoral college, and he has my backing there.  It needs to be scrapped.  He is also against Gerrymandering, as am I.  No matter which party is doing it, gerrymandering should be illegal.
  • I support his moderate gun control policies.  This isn’t a guy who’s like, “My god, I can’t get my gun in 5 minutes?  Gwarsh!” but he’s also not a “Take ’em all away.” liberal.  He seems to understand the need for proper background checking.  Nothing specific on checks for prior mental illness, but I’m guessing he’d be for it.
  • I’m a little confused on his stance on marriage. I understand that he seems to be against gay marriage, and says that he’d support legislation or a constitutional amendment to ban it.  Yet, later in that section, he says the government should stay out of moral issues such as marriage.  Search me, but I think a little clarity is needed there.  So, hard to analyze this one, except to say I’m against the particular stance on gay marriage.
  • Finally, war and the military.  I definitely agree with what he says on the need to be ready for action where needed.  He also thinks that if Iraq is in the midst of a civil war, then we need to get out, leave a small force for training, and turn things over to the Iraqi government.  This appears to be a little older, but with the exception of the civil war part, mostly I agree.  It is time to trim down our forces.  If al-Maliki really is making some headway, doesn’t that mean we can start leaving?  I say, leave some forces for training, and perhaps small missions, and get most of our forces out.  Bring them home.

I need to study Adams/Hargis some more.  So far, I believe they are the most intriguing independent candidates for the Presidency/VP I’ve seen so far.

That’s it for IC this time.  Unfortunately, I can’t promise another one until after Vegas.  Simply no time to do it until then.

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