Well, I know one sign that my cold/allergies/upper respiratory infection is more or less gone.  More productivity!

Last week and the week before were pretty much marked by a general unwillingness to do stuff.  Sure, I got stuff done – a rough draft of a PSA I’m working on for a competition, among other things – but the two weeks just felt like a real lull.  I was tired, fatigued, and felt burnt out every night.

Compare to this week.  I shot a package yesterday, got the VOs done today, got halfway done with a video resume last night, more or less completed major work on the PSA today, handed in my writing portfolio today.  Heck, I even sat through two hours of a class that I took last semester, just because I wanted to hear critiques of the PSA (a member of the team is working on it for the class).

Then I came back here, wrote readers, a VO, and an intro and tag and emailed them, changed my sheets, and folded my clothes.  I’d claim reading 98 blog posts in my productivity list, but I actually just skimmed through a lot of them, and only read ones that got my attention.  Can’t win them all, I guess.

I don’t know what it is.  Some of it is that I know I needed to get some stuff done.  Like the Writing Portfolio.  It’s a school requirement that everybody has to do, major independent.  With my trip to Vegas coming up, that’d be a whole week gone without doing it.  Then I’d come back and be caught up with planning for the next Eastern Expedition.  Under the circumstances, I guess this is the best week to do it.

Stuff to get done:

  1. Finish editing the package, including capturing the VOs (tomorrow)
  2. Finish editing the video resume, and get some opinions on it.
  3. Do a one-over of my resume for next week, and make a generalized cover letter.
  4. Prepare for phone interview.
  5. Get letter from gastro doctor (tomorrow I hope).
  6. Pack for Vegas (Friday & the weekend)

Quite a bit to before Monday, but I know it’ll get done.

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