Oh, the wonders of wonders. There is a wireless connection emendating somewhere from the cabin. Where, I don’t know, and I’m not trying to connect to it.

Anyway, as sleep is proving kind of unattainable at the moment, I figure, why not blog?

In the latest election flap, Hillary Clinton is calling Barack Obama out on his small town comments. Basically, he says that because the government hasn’t served them well, small town folk are bitter, and when they’re bitter, they turn to their guns and religion. Clinton claims this is a horrible way of describing these people, especially in the state of Pennsylvania.

The response from these comments by the blogosphere and media is typical, and follows just about every other scandal that’s come up in this primary season. Depending on where loyalties lie, this either affects Obama a great deal (some claim yet again his campaign is over), or that these comments will be of little consequence come Pennsylvania’s primary.

While I think that Obama’s statement could have been a little more wisely worded, I’d consider myself part of the camp that thinks these words will have little effect on the upcoming primary. Perhaps if it was about a week closer to the primary would his words have more effects on the decisions of Pennsylvania voters.

But, with a week and a half to go, Obama has time to clarify what he said. He has already made a statement to the effect (more on it later; didn’t have time to read it, what with packing and the early as heck wake up). Obama has learned from old mistakes. Last time, during the Rev. Wright affair, he took a long time to speak up, and for a while it seemed that was to his detriment. But, with both what he said then, and what he’s saying now, voters will have a full week and a half to make up their minds.

So, was it a stupid thing to say? Sure. Will it have as much effect as Clinton is hoping, come primary day? I think it’s unlikely, and to keep bringing it up says a lot about her campaign tactics. Even if Obama’s campaigning is a little naive in nature, I know which strategy I like better.

I’ll post this up once I’m back on solid ground.

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