I’m a little disappointed right now. I was hoping to sign up for an Avid training session today, only to come to the convention center and find out that they’re not here.

They also didn’t come to NAB, but neither did Apple; yet, they decided to show up for BEA. I hate conspiracy theories, but when you fail to show up for two conventions in a row, that’s not good.

It’s probably best compared to when the HD-DVD guys didn’t show up for CES. About a month later, HD-DVD was officially discontinued. Now, I’m not saying this is Avid’s fate, but not coming to a convention like BEA is a poor choice, I think, especially when they were already set to come.

That’s how it’s also like the HD-DVD case. They were all set to appear at CES, then canceled at the last minute.

I wanted to learn more about Avid here, but now I guess it won’t happen.

Oh well. There’s still the Apple session in a bit.

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