My carry-on.My suitcase.

As you can see from above, I am packing for the trip. In a little over 5 hours from now, I will be heading across campus to board the van taking the group of us to the airport.

I must say, though, packing is and always will be a pain. You’re constantly have a list running through your head and are always worried about missing something essential. I think I’m pretty okay at this point, though. I have all the clothes I need, including any dress clothes. In my carry-on is all the essentials, including my meds, the resumes I’ll be handing out to prospective employers, some chargers, and my laptop.

The carry-on is neat enough. It’s one of those bags you can sling around your shoulder and carry fairly easily. It’s pretty comfortable, too, and is a lot better option for my laptop than my old case, which always seemed to get too heavy after a while of carrying it. It’ll work. Though at first I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to fit everything I wanted in there, it seems to all have worked out in the end.

Alright, can’t stick around too long. Final packing to do, and then a little cleaning around the common areas of my room, since I won’t be here next week for room inspections.

I’ll try and make another entry from the airport, perhaps before if I’m lucky.

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