Vegas 2008: Making Money with Video Podcasting

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In my next entry, I’ll talk about my experience at the session this morning with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

But first, making money on YouTube and other services.  As readers know, I’ve done a few video blog entries for Dymersion.  Outside of that, the club I’m in is currently putting up its news packages on YouTube.

Today I’m at a session with two guys who pitched an idea for a television show a few years ago, only to have it shot down for being "too smart."

When vlogging became popular, they brought the show to the Internet.  And now they’re sharing some tips on how to make an idea profitable.

More on it later…



Looking forward to details about the D&C Lost session!


Thanks congested. I did one in the next entry. Not much, since I didn’t take notes, but I have a few details.