I’m beginning to understand how being in Vegas can prevent one from doing blogging.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

I never talked about the Lost producers interview.  Very quickly, it was pretty cool.  Cynthia Littleton from Variety interviewed Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about producing the show.  Basically, it was all about the challenges of producing a show such as Lost, about working on an actual island.

Afterward, I did a lot of walking around the exhibits.  They have some awesome stuff here; everything from editing software to storage units and more.  I attended a couple sessions that day.  The first was about the challenges of working with new media.  There were some big names attending that, including Scott Dinsdale, Exec. VP of the digital division of Sony BMG.  I also attended a session on making money from services like YouTube.  We’re doing a news package on the convention, and so we interviewed one of the presenters at that session.  We also interviewed a rep from Google about their radio services.  They have a software which automates the operations of a radio station.  It can bring up songs, commercials, and more.

Yesterday, I attended the job fair they had.  To be honest, it sort of sucked.  The reps there either wanted something sent online (which I could of done from my hotel room), or they weren’t even hiring editors.  One company was there hiring IT people.  I was like, "Come on, at a television convention???"  I understand they too need IT people but it seemed out of place.

After the job fair, I attended a session of professors and students talking about student run television stations, and then came back to the hotel.

Got to get back to the convention, but the next entry will be about the nightlife in Vegas.

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