Dan Abrams is making the case for an Obama-Clinton ticket, noting the intense rivalry between the two candidates, but particularly their supporters.

In reference to Obama supporters disliking this ticket, he asks, “Shouldn’t they just swallow their pride?”

If it comes to it, I say yes.  Deal with it; if Obama thinks it’s good for him, they should accept it.  Not that I think she’s the inevitable running mate, as some media commenters are starting to suggest.  There are definitely other, probably more qualified options for him to choose.  But in the end, it’s up to him, and how he and his campaign see themselves winning the election.

Obama may have some differences with Clinton, but just listen to his speech this afternoon after the Edwards endorsement.  He speaks of working with her to win against McCain in the fall.  He certainly seems to have no issue working with her, so I’m a bit at a loss as to why some Obama supporters could be so against her as to outright reject such a pairing.

This is also how I feel with the vice-versa situation, an Obama nomination or Clinton-Obama pairing.

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