What can I say that nobody else has? I’ll do a round-up of analysis on the widely ranging polls out there.

The Moderate Voice is finding a range of polls…everything from Obama is going to do badly, to he’s going to do pretty nicely. Here’s some posts:

He’s Rebounding

He’s Hurt Among Independents and Dems

He’ll Get North Carolina and She’ll Get Indiana

He Leads by 10 in North Carolina

and for some light reading, check out the demographics of voters in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, talk of an Obama/Clinton ticket has come up again.  The tone seems to be different this time, though. Last time, commentators were either talking Obama/Clinton, Clinton/Obama, or like me, analyzing the idea no matter which way it would go down. This time, however, nobody seems to be pretending that it’d go Clinton/Obama, and instead suggest an Obama/Clinton ticket.

Leading the charge is Andrew Sullivan, with a London Times article touting the idea. But not everyone is in favor of it. He’s getting many dissents from readers, but also some support.

Count me among those who support him. I still stand by what I said almost two months ago. There’s definitely disadvantages to such a ticket, but I think the advantages in the kind of support and demographics she could bring to the general election outweighs any negative elements.

There is the Bill Clinton factor that would need to be worked out, but maybe Obama can have him do something to get him out of the way, haha.

Bring it on, Indiana and North Carolina.

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