As the Democratic primary season drags to the end of May and into June, other parties have already made decisions or are now making decisions as to who to run for their candidates.

I’m a bit late on this, but in March, the members of the New American Independent Party chose Frank McNulty as their nominee. Since I want to keep focusing on non-party candidates for the time being, I won’t do an analysis on him right now, but Mr. McNulty is just about on my list for when I do reach the third parties. Might be a little while, though. Needless to say, I have been doing some reading on his website from time to time, and I must say, I like what I’m seeing.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party is currently holding a convention to find their nominee. It started on Thursday and goes to Monday. A couple of high profile names are vying to be named their candidate, from former GOP Congressman Bob Barr to former 2008 Democratic Party candidate and Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. I just found out on the LP website that they’ll be holding a debate between seven of their candidates tonight at 7pm MDT (9pm EDT) on C-SPAN. I’m pretty interested in hearing what they have to say, so I’m going to watch it. Unfortunately, I no longer have the ability to “live-blog” a debate, as I don’t have cable in my room at home, but I’ll take some notes, and post an entry after it’s over. Stay tuned.

Finally, not part of a party himself, but perennial candidate for many parties, Ralph Nader, has recently chosen a VP running mate in lawyer Matt Gonzalez.

I’ll be back tonight after the Libertarian Party debate. I’m pretty sure there won’t be breaks, with C-SPAN not being a commercial network and all, but if there are, I’ll “live-delay blog” as much as I can.

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