This is a pretty beautiful story of what one soldier and his family have done to give two children a better life:

One family that knows all about the blessing of adoption is Jed and Alice Moss. Jed has been in the Air Force for ten years and Alice is a homemaker and personal trainer. It seems appropriate to let Alice tell you about her family’s motivation for adopting, in her own words. Here is her story:

Jed and I decided to adopt a few years ago. Jed lost his mother to cancer before he turned 18, and felt he could really relate to a child who has experienced a traumatic loss of family, or a child with no family to call their own. He has also seen first hand the harsh and brutal lives of orphaned children in the streets in several countries he has visited during deployments while he has been in the Air Force.

I think this is absolutely excellent! The world needs more families to adopt orphaned children. Being a soldier in some part of the world can show the condition some children live in, especially in third-world countries. No matter if it’s a soldier or civilian, helping to adopt children in countries where it is needed is definitely one way of regaining or status in the world. If the world can see that the U.S. is generous and caring, we might begin to be liked more again.

Kudos to Jed Moss, who is a hero twice in my book.

Hat tip (and I’d never thought I’d say this): Michelle Malkin

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