To anybody who is a new voter this year, or plans on re-registering to vote for a new party or at a new address, be sure to pay attention when you go to register or re-register.

I had to re-register, anyway, since I’m now back at home full time.  When I registered before my first election in 2004, I put down “Independent.”  Although it’s not incredibly important, it can make a symbolic movement meaningless if you intend on not registering for any party, but then find out later there’s an “Independent party” in your state.

In my case, there is an “Independent Party of Connecticut,” which I didn’t intend on registering with the first time.  I only found this out recently, so, when I went to go re-register, I put down “No party.”  You can also leave that box blank if you don’t want to register with a party.

My becoming an Independent (I was originally a Democrat for about a month) was due to my disappointment with political parties as a whole.  So, finding out that I was potentially part of another one was a little funny.

That said, it’s not something that’s huge to me.  But, it feels a little better to know I’m now registered as I originally intended to register!

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