When I started Dymersion I never intended to write quite as many political posts as I have.  I consider myself a pretty big politics geek, but I never thought it’d vastly overtake the site in content.

To put it in perspective, the biggest category on the site after ones having to do with politics is the category “Personal Life.”  Even then, not everything is strictly to do with my personal life.  Not everything there is a “this is what I did today” kind of post.

Ever since upgrading to WordPress, my method of categorization has been more like tagging, mostly because WordPress didn’t have tags at the time.  I’ve thought about starting to tag, and actually did do it while still on MovableType, but I’m unsure about it.  My fear is that if I use tagging, the system will grow inefficient and messy, and I’ll end up with several different tags about the same subject (e.g. “McCain”, John McCain”, and “The Mac Attack”)

Yet, with my increase in political posting, I’ve been putting most entries in either “Politics”, “Elections 2008” or both.  Well, that’s just all kinds of vague, now isn’t it?  I should have a category for just Obama, one just for McCain, and one just for Clinton.  Then there’s categories suited for the Bush Administration, torture, Congress, and other issues.

I probably should have creating new categories all along for the new subjects, but laziness set in.  Also, a long category list would frankly, become too long for my tastes.  Categories on WordPress, unlike tags, are not context searchable.  WP will suggest previously used tags while typing.

So, interestingly, I may have actually just answered my own question.  I think perhaps the final solution is going to be a combination of both.  Have several main categories, and then use the tags to further delineate the entry.

We shall see.  Stay tuned

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