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Anyway, CNN is reporting Obama at 2111 delegates, MSNBC is reporting 2107, CBS News is reporting 2109, ABC News is reporting 2106, and Wikipedia is reporting 2105. I’m not sure who exactly to believe, so I’ll go with a the middle of the road estimate and take MSNBC’s 2107 estimate.

As the second year I’ve really followed politics closely and the first Presidential election I’ve followed closely from beginning to finish (it’ll be my second Presidential election), I’ve been incredibly excited during the entirely primary season, for both the Democrats and the Republicans, and later on, the third parties as well. Unfortunately, the Republicans ended their primary season several months ago, so the race between the two Democrats has had to keep me occupied.

And what a race it was. The ever flip-flopping blocks of states won by either candidate, the scandals, the Florida-Michigan debacle; good or bad, I loved it all. Yet, in the end, it had to be won by somebody. And in the end, I think the better candidate won.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have much against Hillary Clinton. Her positions are more or less similar to Obama’s, and her attitude is not that bad. Some people say you either love her or hate her, but I don’t see it that way. Yes, there are some things I don’t like about her personality, and I certainly don’t love her, but I also don’t hate her. You cannot deny that she would be a tough President. You only need to look at her campaign this year to know this.

Still, I think based on personality, Obama is the candidate I like more. It’s not so much about positions when you get down to the grind, because lets face it: Obama is no saint to me there. I vehemently disagree with his positions on gun ownership, and I don’t really agree with either candidates full plans for healthcare (nor do I agree with John McCain’s plan). I disagree with Obama on his gay marriage position; I don’t expect a constitutional amendment protecting them from him. However, on other issues, I do agree with him, and because her own positions are so similar, by extension I also agree with many of Clinton’s stances. However, some issues, like gun ownership, are not so weighted in my mind that it puts me off Obama that much. I’ve got other things to worry about rather than how difficult it will be to get a gun.

So, to me it comes down to who I like better. Now, I said above I don’t think Clinton’s personality is that bad, but she does have a lot of negatives that I don’t like. I don’t agree with her “air of inevitability” regarding a Presidency. She doesn’t deserve it, no more than Obama or McCain do. That’s what is great about America, that with the right resources and drive, anybody can become President. We’re not a plutocracy here, at least not in our social consciousness. Yet, her attitude that she somehow deserves the Presidency is off-putting to me, and that is a rather large weight in my mind against her.

So, given all that I consider in a candidate for President, I can think of a no better rival pairing than Barack Obama and John McCain. I wish both of them the best of luck in the coming months, and may the best nominee win!

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