I was going to write something new for this year, but I was reading the one I wrote last year, and decided it would suffice:

I love my country. I do. I may not agree with all the decisions the government makes, but that’s what makes this country great. The fact that we’re allowed to disagree with the government is what makes it great. Today, I’ll speak briefly about my optimistic view of the past, present, and future of the U.S.A.

Merry old Britain found that out in 1776 when some damn rebels started fighting their forces. Several years later, we have a new country starting to creep its feelers around and get a sense of itself. Since then, this country has been through quite a bit – wars, attacks (though, relatively few compared to some other countries), epidemics, economic depression, and national disgraces – but Americans have always pulled through like troopers. And, it’s been through a lot of good stuff, too. We pulled ourself through a period of disgraceful action with the abolition of slavery, and later on, accepting all our fellow men (and women) as equals (well, more or less). We’ve done a lot of good in the world, helping those who need help, and trying to spread democracy throughout the world. We’ve brought a lot of new innovation to the world (listen up iPhone users) over the years, and will probably continue to do so for the coming future. We haven’t been perfect, but who’s is? Certainly not the U.S., but no one else, either.

The last few years have seen some dark times, but we continue to live our lives. We know that by not doing so, the bad guys win. It’s as simple as that. Some things have come down the pike that would perhaps change the way we live, but Americans are not stupid. We know when things are going against how we like it, and then we let ourselves be heard. And we have, and that’s what makes us great. For, if we get together and shout loudly enough, we are heard. And then our leaders must act. So has it been in the past, and so will it be for the future.

Speaking of the future, I foresee one that is bright. A future of peace and prosperity. A future where America still leads in the world (though perhaps with less influence than in the past, but we need some beating down in status, anyway). We’ll continue bringing innovation to the people. And we’ll continue becoming a freer society, with people allowed to live their lives as they see fit, not the government. Some people take a pessimistic view of the future, but I think that’s the wrong attitude to take. America is not destroying itself. We may slip and fall from time to time, but that’s part of growing up. You fall, and then learn from your mistakes. Likewise, America has taken some slips in the past, but has always risen from them, greater and better than ever. And so shall it be for the future. Long live the United States of America.

Happy 4th of July!

I still stand by what I said last year, because it’s all true.

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