Overall, I try to keep my areas neat and clean.  I’ve had varying levels of success doing it at home, but at college, I was actually pretty generally clean.  At the very least, people could always come to my dorm room without having to walk in a pigsty.  I’ve had roommates with rooms that were barely walkable.  It started out as a common courtesy when I shared a room in my Freshman year, and simply continued on after I got my own room.  In part, most of help I had was from having a good clothes hamper.  At home, I sometimes have it, and sometimes not.  That’s a weak argument, but there it is.

But, even if people can keep their rooms walkable, it doesn’t always mean their rooms/houses/apartments are literally spotless.  Often for me, even in my dorm room, my dresser becomes cluttered, or my desk.  But, what do you do in times when these things have to be clean day in-day out?

Some people are good at it, like my maternal grandparents.  Their house is always spotless, always.  It’s a little unnerving, even.  As if it’s not lived in.  I can respect a good share of a lived-in feel.  So, that’s why I’m trying my best to make sure my room in neat everyday for the time being.  Because any day of the week could be a house showing day, so you want to present your best side.

It’s driving my mom crazy, because she also doesn’t like the feeling of complete neatness all day, everyday.  But, it’s not too big of a task.  Luckily, all my desk stuff is packed away as a result of switching to a new desk without a cabinet.  Most other things are also packed away.

But, that’ll change when we move, I’m sure.  Then it’ll be back to my messy ways.  Can’t wait!

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