Perhaps my time would be better spent further analyzing John McCain’s VP prospects like I did last night.  Although, what little I did see of Michelle Obama’s speech last night sounded pretty good (more on her in the next entry). 

Tonight, the three biggies were Bob Casey (who I didn’t get to see), Mark Warner as the keynote speaker, and Hillary Clinton headlining after him.  I’m not going to say much on his speech, because there’s not much to say.  I don’t agree with one network’s pundits that he should have been an attack dog for McCain.  Lets be fair.  Warner mentioned McCain not that much less than Clinton did, and she got little flack for it.  Yet, while he mentioned some things I like, such as looking toward the future, and the end of partisanship, I found the speech pretty uninspiring.  That’s a bit of a let down to me, since I’ve seen him speak before, in person.

Four years ago, Mark Warner came to my school on a circuit he was doing.  He was presenting himself to the American people, my professor said, before a run for President.  Though the presidential run never happened, I look back on that speech as one of the better ones I’ve heard.  It was much the same content as the story he gave tonight about rising up from modest means to become a pioneer in the cell phone industry.  Yet, I found the story he gave then a lot more inspiring than nearly the same story he gave tonight.

I don’t know; maybe Warner was just off key tonight.  He did say some good things, but they just weren’t inspiring feeling.

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