Gov. Palin doesn’t have to even speak about her political experience; fellow Republicans do it for her.  However, some could find themselves with foot-in-mouth syndrome.

In The Weekly Standard, Newt Gingrich explains how Palin’s experience trumps Obama’s:

She has 13 years in elected office

By any practical standard she has done far more in the real world with much more spontaneity and practicality than Barack Obama.

By Gingrich’s standard, the person on top of the ticket, John McCain, isn’t ready to be President, either.  If the only position that counts is executive experience, he can’t possibly be ready, right?  By the way, if executive experience is all that counts, Palin only has 9 years in elected office, since four of her years as an elected official were only as part of the Wasilla council.

Personally, I find it a little hypocritical how the standards for “experience” have changed for Republicans over the course of the campaign.

Up until Palin was chosen, Republicans completely dismissed and wrote-off Obama’s time in the Illinois Senate, opting to focus on his three and a half years in the U.S. Senate.  Yet, now that Palin is the running mate, quantity apparently trumps quality.  At the same time, according to people like Gingrich, executive experience is the only thing that matters.

Which is it, Republicans?

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