Depending on who you support, John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for his Vice Presidential running mate is either the best or worst thing since sliced bread.  The truth, I think, may not be so clear cut.

It’s been about 36 hours since John McCain made his announcement that he chose Palin.  While she definitely has pros and cons, I’m not sure we know enough to make an educated decision yet (sound familiar?).  We’ve had 18 months to get to know Obama, and while you can make the argument that we still don’t know enough, I think we do.  This just isn’t the case with Palin.

I’ve think I’ve pretty much read every argument for and against Palin that is out there from bloggers and news sources left, right, center, and outer space.  I’m not sure that’s enough.  Therefore, I will reserve my judgement until after she makes her speech (hopefully) next week.  That means Gustav, you can go ahead and dissipate now so the Republicans can have their convention as scheduled.

As if.

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