Am I the only one who thinks John McCain has to be cringing every time a Republican speaks about how much executive experience Sarah Palin has?  You know, considering that he, like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, have none of which to speak?

Following the talking points, Rudy Giuliani made this argument tonight.  You know, I thought that experience was going to be destroyed as a campaign issue once I heard Palin was the choice.  Apparently not, since the Republicans have re-cast it in terms of executive experience.

Unless there’s some fuzzy math I’ve missing where Congressmen and Senators can trade in their legislative experience for some Executive Experience Credits, the Republicans might want to watch what they’re saying before the Democrats try and turn it around on them.

After all, John McCain is the one they want as President, right?  Or did I hear wrong and Palin really won the nomination tonight?  With all the touting of executive experience they’re making, you might think so.

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