Too bad it takes his assistant Patrick Appel to point it out:

While signing off, Andrew mentioned the months long argument he and I have had with regard to Sarah Palin’s fifth child. I am the only other person who has read all the obstetrician interviews, the interview with a reporter at the scene, and all the primary sources. I strongly believe that there is nothing to this story.

Also, on Sullivan’s harping on the birth not being reported in the hospital records:

This is highly misleading. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (pdf) protects patient information. The “formal record” Andrew is referring to is a list of newborn babies on the Mat-Su website. This list is voluntary. Parents have to give their approval for their children to be listed (The Dish checked with the hospital). Trig not being on this list isn’t proof of anything.

Sullivan wanted the medical records released, even after the election was done and over, insisting that it would all be over only if Palin would do that. To me, that’s like those conspiracy theorists practically screaming for Obama to appear on national television with his birth certificate,because only if he would do that, there would be no question anymore.

Questioning the official record is fine when something seem to smell nasty.  But when, time and again, proof has been offered, it really is time to move on.  Continuing to harp on it makes it look like you have a derangement syndrome.

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