So I’ve had a cold going on more than two weeks now.  This is nothing new to me.  As a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease, taking the immosuppresent Imuran to combat it, I’ve grown to accept that whatever I get is typically a magnitude worse than most people and lasts longer as well.  Yet, about two weeks seems to typify my colds.

This apparently either isn’t a typically cold, or I’m doing something wrong.  That’s because it took a turn for the worse yesterday and around noon today I woke up sweating under my covers, and then shaking as if I had been outside for an hour when I went to the kitchen to take my medicine.  So the problem could be a mix of both severity and improper treatment, but the fact that I haven’t been perfect in treating this could say a lot.

See, I’m something of a night owl, and always have been.  This doesn’t help when you’re typically into work by 8:30am.  I wake an hour to hour and fifteen minutes earlier to get ready, so my nights are often short.  That’s all fine and well when you’re healthy (okay, not really), but when you’re sick, it’s obviously worse.  Well, slap my on my head for that, as that can contribute to not getting better.

I’ve more or less been taking the usual medications to combat this, but they have been uneven.  I don’t have my own to take to work (though it’s not really an excuse), so I only get it in twice a day, sometimes only once if I forget.  Well, that isn’t helping, is it?

So, with those two things undoubtedly not contributing to getting better, I must change my methods.  Luckily, I got plenty of sleep last night, but making up sleep after a week of not so much is not the solution.  And I’ve been good on taking medicine today, but it needs to be more consistent.  So, I vow to change my ways coming up.

Because, seriously, this cold is getting old.

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