Normally, I don’t complain about my condition. As for as Crohn’s cases go, I have a pretty mild one. I’ve never been to the hospital for it, except when I was diagnosed. Never needed medicine via infusion. Never needed surgery (and hopefully never will). Any pain is bearable and the gas, though while a nuisance, has pretty much become part of everyday life. I have to work from home every once in a while because of it, but that’s no big deal. So in my case, things are pretty good.

But you know what really sucks about it? Bathroom trips. Today I took, count ’em, five. Five. Makes it really hard to do anything when you’re in the bathroom for a total of a couple hours a day every now and then.

You know what I’d like someday? To not have to make five bathroom trips within a normal day, and three within an hour and a half of each other.

That’d be really nice.

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