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Serious question for #BlueSky testers, as I don't have an invite to test It's decentralized, but how many actually servers are up and running ATM? Outside of having an "indestructible" ID, what other advantages do you feel #ATProtocol offers versus #ActivityPub? I have read the specs but I'm looking for more enlightened (and possibly experienced) opinions. I see some people buzzing hard about it, but I can't tell if it's just Dorsey #fanboi hype or if there is real cause for excitement

@sharearea I’m also not a user yet but I do like the account portability aspect. Currently with , if you switch instances you can’t carry over your posts. You can manually copy them over but then you lose all timestamp information. And theoretically I like the Speech -> Reach layer separation, which is tied with account portability, though it remains to be seen how it’ll really work. Elon promised that over at Twitter but didn’t follow through. Mastodon is no better in this aspect so it’s lead some, like myself, to attempt to keep post data in our own databases and push them out to the .

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