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If you're doing self hosted WordPress blogs for some of your sites (like me) then you can use the #ActivityPub plugin if your host isn't overprotective. If it is (like one of mine) you can still use #ShareOnMastodon or #ShareOnPixelfed to autopost to your profile, and #TootPress to post your toots on your blog.

@wynch So far, so mostly good here, but I am concerned about being booted someday for resource usage. I’m only on shared hosting now but I’ve been considering moving off to more a solution more responsive to demand increases.

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  1. @mikewmerritt Yeah, I think resource usage is why my now main, formerly backup host is overprotective. When I asked them about it, they said it's all good, but still "webfinger endpoint cannot be found…" Hopefully they'll figure a way for the plugin not to trigger a spike in resource usage. I don't think any of us would mind things taking a minute instead of a second.

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