Me on a tripHi, my name is Mike! I am a programmer from the U.S. state of Connecticut with over 20 years experience in the field. My day-to-day work lies in web analytics but I have broad experience in web development.

I previously did work in video production and I earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Eastern Connecticut State University, with a concentration in television production.

Besides video work and content development, I also have an interest in computers in general, thanks to my father’s more than two decades in the industry, although our expertise is different; his more geared toward hardware, and mine toward software.

My greatest interest lies in travel. I’m always planning my next trip and I’ve been to more than a dozen countries and more than a dozen U.S. states.

Entertainment-wise, I have no shame in saying I’m a huge nerd. My two favorite book series are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (in order of preference) and my favorite movie series is Star Wars, with my all-time favorite movie being Return of the Jedi. My fantasy and sci-fi picks do not stop at books and film but reach into television. My favorite television series is Stargate: SG1. I’m also an armchair history buff and when I travel my first pick is anywhere with a lot of history to it. I’m I somewhere other than home? Then it’s a good bet that you can find me at a museum.

My love for history is complimented by my interest in politics. Identifying as a moderate libertarian, I hold social and classic liberal economic positions. I blog some politics here at Dymersion. I am also fascinated by the history and workings of religion, although I am personally an atheist (but a friendly one!).

Healthwise, it could be better. Apart from having the very well known chronic disease of asthma, I also have Crohn’s Disease, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. I’ve had asthma since I was young and I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s since the summer of 2002. In mid-2022, I underwent surgery to create an ileostomy to prevent colon cancer.

Where to Find Me

  • Twitter: @mikewmerritt
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Some Other Things About Me