About the Site

This website is meant to be a creative hub, a place where I can express myself without having to confine myself to the likes of a private diary.  However, this website is (or will be) more than just a place to put my daily ranting and political diatribe. It is a website where I will put any creative works I find time to write down, design, or edit. It is also a place where I will simply just talk about myself and what is happening in my life. Yes, the boring, who-cares, why-do-you-waste-your-energy type of discussion.

This website had been almost 11 years in the making when it launched in 2005. Starting from a Geocities free account to what you are seeing now, it has gone through several short-lived iterations. Over those years, I never really found what I was looking for and now, with this (x version) of the website, I think I have finally got it. So, here it finally is, in instant gratification!

So, what’s with the name? The explanation is simple enough. Dymersion is the combination of an Intenet alias, “Dymero,” and the English word “immersion.” Dymersion is all about me taking a dive (so to speak) into the daily world and bringing up from the depths my analysis of that world. It’s also about you doing the same thing; except in your case, you should be forming your own analysis, whether similar or different to my own.

I hope you will enjoy Dymersion for what it is. I am not expecting anybody to agree with what I say. What I do expect, however, is courtesy. I leave the commenting relatively open to anybody in the hopes that I may start a discussion on a topic. Attacks against myself or other commenters will not be tolerated, and will be deleted. With that said, thank you for choosing Dymersion, and enjoy your stay!

Want to comment on an issue that I talk about, make suggestions for the site, or have questions? Feel free to email me at comments {at} dymersion {dot} com, with all the proper substitutions. Please do not email me spam, advertisements, or other generally unproductive content, or your emails will be filtered, and I will not bother looking at any possible future legitimate emails from the address. I do prefer you use the commenting system for discussion related to an entry, but I will accept emails if you do not wish to have your comment made public (be sure to indicate this in your email). Otherwise, happy emailing!

This website is protected under United States copyright law. It is protected by a Creative Commons license, in particular the attribute, share-alike version. This allows you to display, distribute, and copy the contents of this blog’s entries without the need to ask for permission. You are also free to creative derivative works based on this blog’s entries. For any public display or work based off my own, you must attribute the original content to me. This can be done as simply as linking to the blog entry in which you found the original content. Also, any derivative works must be given a license identical to this one.

I originally did not extend the license to my photographs and other images. However, after some careful consideration, I have decided to change my policy. All photographs and images I create are covered under the same license described above. A good way of finding an image that is mine is looking in my Flickr gallery. Any image or photograph that is not mine and or is in the public domain will not be found in this gallery, and I will also indicate to whom the image belongs.

Halley’s Comet has had a big impact on history (http://www.scientificamerican.com/gallery/is-seeing-a-comet-like-halley-s-a-once-in-a-lifetime-event/). It comes back once every 86 years.

Many Thanks To…
I’d like to thank the people who have made this site possible. Without their efforts, this site might not exist. Without further ado…

Name.com: The registrar of my domains. DomainSite is an awesome registrar, and I’ve never had any problems with them. Highly recommended.

WordPress: Provides the software I use for the blog and other areas of my website. Movable Type is easy to use, skin, and has a bunch of useful plugins. It is also relatively simple to use it as a content management system for your whole site.

Creative Commons: For their progressive efforts in the area of copyleft. I could create my own terms of service for Dymersion, but why, when they have good stuff already?

LiquidX: This dude single-handedly created the site’s design. He added his own twist to what was once a pretty crappy piece of work done by me.

My parents: Thanks for inspiring my throughout life, and especially my dad for getting me into computers, albeit in a slightly different area of expertise than his own.