You ever have a point where you’re in a hurry to get something done because, I don’t know, you’re late on an assignment, family is coming over, or maybe a moving crew is arriving in half an hour!?

The last one was me on Saturday morning.  On Friday, we had basically gotten everything off most of the shelves in the front of my parent’s store in preparation for the moving crew.  However, the back was not yet complete.  When my dad went back there at night, he spent a long time cleaning out his desk, but never got to anything else.  So, it ended up pretty much falling to me on Saturday morning to clear out a showcase, two counters up front, and all the counters and shelves in the back.

I thought I was going to be playing a racing game with the movers, but luckily it didn’t turn out that way.  They had to go back and forth between the buildings with a load one time, so I had more time to clear off counters that I originally thought.

Now all the major necessities have been moved, and we’ll be open for business on Monday.  Need your computer repaired or have something you want to sell on consignment?  Then we’ll see you at 472 Center St.

Never having watched many “teen movies” in my adolescent years, I have some catching up to do.  So, I was happy to watch one of the newest tonight, Superbad.

I don’t know what it is about watching a movie like this, but I watched it with my sister and folks.  Any one else ever feel uncomfortable watching a movie with their parents with either 1) Sex in it  2) Sex talked about vulgarly  3) Both?

That was me tonight.  Now, I’m 21, so they can’t stop me watching it, but I still felt a little uncomfortable sitting next to them, haha.  What I’m saying it, give me a group of friends to watch this movie with, and I’d be fine.  I know I would.  But there’s something different about watching a movie where it is the goal of the character to get laid, that makes one (me, at least) feel uncomfortable.  Perhaps it is because sex is such a taboo subject for discussion in our society.

Anyway, I liked the movie.  It had a lot of funny moments in it.  I especially liked the two cops.  They both were comical, and at the same time, the movie’s creators such of gave a social commentary on the police.  How corrupt some of them have become, and that they can sometimes consider themselves about the law.  Not all of them, to be sure, but some.

Well, off to bed.  More movies to watch tomorrow.

Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actors. He has good movies, and is, in my opinion, the master of the comedic martial arts style of film. So, I was happy to hear that he wants to be a good example for kids. I think we all know that most modern Hollywood movies thrive on violence, profanity and sex. It’s what sells; that was the case in the last decade, and I still think it holds true now.

In the midst of these movies come ones with a guy who is defying the standard, bar the violence part, which is still a relief since it isn’t anything gruesome. In all the Jackie Chan movies I’ve seen, he has only sworn a couple times (for comedic purposes), and he doesn’t have sex (well, nothing on screen, there was the scene in Shanghai Noon where he gets married). Not that I’m against these things in movies, if they’re done the right way. It just seems like there was a period where profanity and sex in movies were almost expected, and thrown in for no other reason than trying to get more money at the box office. So, the fact that Chan refuses to do these things is something refreshing.

The fact is, Chan doesn’t need (gruesome) violence, sex, or profanity in his movies. The skills he already has, and in the comedic style he uses these skills, is enough to draw a crowd. Just look at Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Two big successes, and his other movies, while not generating as great a return, show that will have a following for years to come.

No, the three really have nothing to do with eachother, although two are close. However, all three have a similar underlying issue: tensions between different groups of people. I’ll start with the Mutant part only to say to click the “Read More” link to read about it. This is so I’m not lobotomized for revealing spoilers (although, a publically released trailer can hardly be a spoiler).

Now on to the ports. I find it absolutely amusing that the Bush administration has been warning us of the oh-so evil Islamic terrorists for four years, and now finds itself shot in the foot with this ports deal. Personally, I don’t think there’s much danger in letting this Dubai state run company take over the operations. After all, they’re currently owned by a British company. The difference appears to be that some of the terrorists had operations there, and more specifically some had money running through Dubai banks. On the other hand, we’ve never actually accused the Dubai government of abhoring terrorists (like we did with Afghanistan), so what exactly is the problem here?

The company management is smart to agree to the 45-day review (like they have much choice if they want to administer the ports), but has anyone actually looked at the management of the DP World closely? Half of them are Americans! That shocked me a bit since DP World is state owned, but it isn’t so surprising with all I’ve read about Dubai becoming a new economic center. Also, on the issue of outsourcing, I’ve also seen some op-ed complaining about the on-going of outsourcing, and how it was so bad that our ports were now being outsourced. HELLO!! Pick up a newspaper, folks. They were already outsourced! I swear, some people need to actually read into things before complaining. Now, I understand that port security is important, and I’m all for making sure terrorist weapons don’t get into the U.S., but isn’t the actually security part remaining in American hands? So, what’s the problem, here?

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I went out to see King Kong with my mom tonight, and I must say that I thought it was awesome. I’ve read some reviews by people who thought that it was nothing more than a CGI animator’s dreamworld, and that it had no storyline, but I disagree. I’m cutting this because of length, but beware of spoilers.
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